Marilyn's Voice's is a 501(c) (3) Registered Non-Profit Organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs that have suffered abuse and neglect at puppy mills, or that have become unclaimed at shelters or surrendered by owners.

About Marilyn's Voice

As a volunteer-based organization, Marilyn's Voice relies on donations and adoption fees to provide veterinarian treatment and medications for animals under our care.

All Marilyn's Voice animals live in foster homes and become rehabilitated and socialized by volunteer fosters.

Our thorough and rigorous adoption processes provide us the very best opportunity to place animals in the best possible home

Every animal is fully vetted, spayed or neutered and provided complete healthcare.

Volunteers house, feed, transport, love, train and rehabilitate MV animals.

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  • Elsa, renamed Ellie, is a total joy!!!  I can't even tell you how much we love her.  She has really come out of her shell.  At first she refused to be in the house if anyone other than the three of us were there.  Now, she hikes with other dogs and visits nursing homes!! She loves our grand kids and they return the love.  We are so grateful for her everyday.
  • I'm a little bias, but I think Addy is doing wonderfully.  Buddy (my 11-year old Jack Russell Terrier) and her get along great.  I love watching Addy run outdoors with him for their morning bathroom breaks. I give her a few cheers when she is done, and then she does a happy dash back into the house, stops and circles back for me to give her a belly rub.  So cute to watch.  The skittish-ness is pretty much gone and she lets others hold her readily.  She has made friends at Doggy Daycare as well.  I took her to work for "Bring Your Dog to Work" Day and everyone fell in love with her.  And, no problem with appetite.
  • Our little girl Dolly is doing great. It took a couple of weeks for her to get used to us and feel comfortable in her new surroundings but now she thinks she owns the house. She spends a lot of time outside as we walk her 3 times a day plus when we're in the yard she's there with us. She is such a joy to have around. She fills a void we had when our other pups passed. I'm attaching a couple of pictures of Dolly. One is after her first haircut and her inspecting groceries we bought at store. I'm sure we will have many more adventures as time go on. Thanks for following up on Dolly we appreciate it.
  • I’m so excited to report that we have all bonded as a pack. We love having him as a part of our family. It took a little time for him to adjust and completely trust us, but with his history and a new home is to be expected. He loves running, walks, snuggling, swimming, and his sister. Thank you for touching  base . It’s so great to know there are foundations out there like Marilyns Voice.
  • She is still a little skittish - but getting better each day. She loves her brother and seems happy. She is not interested in being
    housebroken! Luckily she usually hits the pee-pee pad. She loves going on walks and jogging! We go to the beach almost every day and she loves it. We adore her (although we will be happier when she is housebroken). She is incredibly sweet and a happy pup:)
    Thank you so much for saving her:)
  • Ali is doing amazing.  She has settled in very nicely.  She loves to cuddle and gives lots of kisses.  She
    loves her walks and we play every morning.  She loves her special basket with toys.  She has learned to sit
    on command and is just so adorable.  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Ali.  She is beautiful.  I
    will send you some pics of her so you can see how well she is doing. You are always welcome to visit her
  • What a blessing Rufus has been! Our family absolutely loves Rufus and he has stolen our hearts. Not to mention made a best friend of our existing dog Daisy. The entire neighborhood knows and loves Rufus. When we first brought him in he was quiet and timid. But now he runs, plays and barks. It feels like he's been with us forever. He sleeps in bed with my wife and I and he loves to snuggle. When we watch TV he jumps up on the coach with us and we pet him. My Golden retriever Daisy just loves Rufus and they play together constantly running in the back yard. They even play hide and seek with the trees! I don't know how they figured that out... they just did. We're looking forward to dressing him up for Halloween and walking him through the neighborhood. I am so pleased that I adopted him.
    Thank you so much for allowing me to take in Rufus. He is a very happy boy and he has made us all much happier. I couldn’t image not having him... he's such a pleasure!
  • Phoebe is doing fantastic. We do not know what life was like without her. We have recently moved to Manheim PA and she and her feline sister Sue Lee have transitioned well. Just had her second haircut last week. She does as you can see by the picture that she is happier than the first one.  Thanks to your organization we are a big happy family.
  • Muffy's Parents Got Married!
    We are so happy some of our guests made donations in our name! It was  a pleasure to work with everyone at the organization and we hope to adopt from you again in the future. Muffy is so wonderful and we can't imagine life without her now. I think she enjoyed getting her own special flower collar and participating in our wedding.
  • Luna is great. We are so happy to have her and she has been a perfect fit for our family. She absolutely adores her big sister Primrose and loves playing with her. We couldn’t be happier!!
  • Scruffy aka Hero is doing great!  He is full of energy and has a very spirited personality.
  • We absolutely adore Rowdy! He is bigger than we expected but his heart matches his size. Thank you for this wonderful loving dog
  • Remember us?
    It’s been two years! He is the love of my life and it’s questionable as to who adopted who! Lol.
    Rudy just finished getting his haircut and I thought of both of you- I am sending a picture and a video.
  • Has it only been 4 months since Ray joined our family? He is so much a part of us, it seems he's been here much longer. He sleeps w Charlie each night and I have really great pictures of them stretched out w backs together or Ray snuggled up in Charlie's arms or hogging the pillow --- both of them fast asleep. Those I couldn't share, but I will try to attach one just taken. Ray loves to go to the dog park next to Lake Farmpark. He acts like he will tear up the place until the first dog approaches, then he's all waggly tail and hopeful sniffing. He enjoys chasing the one of our cats who deliberately gives him opportunity; maybe someday they will actually lay down together. Charlie & Ray are best buddies​, wrestling, chasing, "playing football", hanging out together-- Ray's ears droop when Charlie picks up school shoes in the morning! He is a friendly and engaging companion to anyone who offers to speak to him and will curl up next us and keep company any time. He is totally housebroken, goes to his crate when asked, tosses carrots all around before eating them, and loves to be invited for whatever we do. Ray is a great gift and we love him dearly! Hope all is well w you and your fellow rescuers!
  • The girls are doing great. Ami has gone from a shy dog that only laid around, to a butt wiggling friendly girl that loves life. Siree is my lap dog unless there is a toad or squirrel to play with. I am fully retired now and am so thankful to have these 2.
  • Nova is such a little fur ball of love!!! He is my spoiled baby boy with a streak of feistiness Lol. He fit in perfect with our family. We cant imagine our lives without him! I have been in love with him the moment I met him. He is such a good puppy. Our previous adoptee (Bella previously known as Bri) would beg to differ. They have a love/hate relationship lol
  • Bisbee has been the best addition to our lives, we are so thankful for him everyday.
  • Ginny and Ty just wanted to say hello to all of the terrific people at Marilyn’s Voice. We also wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all that you do. A special shout out to the wonderful foster moms and families that made the transition to our home so successful!
  • One year ago today this cute little baby came into our lives. We had no idea what a joy she would be. It took her time to come out of her shell, and trust us. She amazes us every day with her cute personality coming out more and more. She is a Bichon through and through and has her crazy blitzes everyday. Her gift is her happiness and innocence. She keeps us all smiling always. She's changed quite a lot since we got her. She was very timid and shy. Now her tail is wagging all the time. She loves snuggling with her human siblings and follows her little brother Popcorn around. She barks at the lawnmowers every time she sees them. She loves walks and jumps up on us as soon as she hears the leashes coming out. It's so heartwarming to see her ask for belly rubs and ear rubs. And of course she has her dad wrapped around her tiny paws. Happy Gotcha Day Brooke! We are so lucky to have you in our lives. 
  • It's been two months since our road trip to Ohio.  We wanted to thank you again for choosing us to adopt Tootsie and Mugzie.  They are a great addition to our family and wonderful playmates to both Teddy and Sawyer. As you know they both were a bit skittish and nervous little pups.  Well, not the case anymore.  They hog the bed at night, love tummy and ears rubs in the morning.  They play and wrestle all day and night with Teddy and Sawyer and of course each other. Eating like champs, especially when we cook for them. And boy do they love their treats and bones too!!! Thank you again, you are by far the best pet rescue!   [gallery size="medium" ids="8617,8618,8619,8620"]
  • Hi! I wanted to give you both another update on Luna.  She’s doing really well and learning the ropes from her big sister. [gallery ids="8611,8613,8614"]  
  • Tebo (Luxor) is doing great. He loves playing with Piper especially and loves the kids!! Thanks and we are so glad we adopted Tebo!
  • Just wanted to send a little update on Lola (before we adopted her, her name was Hannah). She is thriving! She loves to swim, play fetch and is doing great off the leash at the park. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that you guys gave us our sweet little girl! Thank you again! [gallery ids="8297,8298,8299"]
  • Rosebud is doing great! She’s been such a wonderful addition to the family and makes us laugh everyday. We cannot imagine life without her! We are so grateful to Marilyn's voice for completing our family. We tried to take a picture with Rosie among the Roses today.  The last one just makes me laugh...Rosie saw a squirrel. :)   [gallery ids="8291,8292,8293"]
  • Boomer is doing great. He is super friendly to everyone, he minds us well, and loves to play with his toys. We enjoy having him so much. He is a good dog. [gallery ids="8286,8287,8288,8289"]
  • Hi from the DeGeorge family! Finley has been a wonderful addition to our family! He keeps us on our toes and is full of energy. His favorite thing to do is chase birds and wrestle with my son! We had a great experience with adopting him and can't say enough good things about Heather. Everyone at Marilyn's voice is making a huge difference in the lives of dogs without homes and should be proud! [gallery ids="8279,8281,8282,8283"]
  • We adopted 5 year old Pekingese Muffy (previously Oreo Cookie) from Marilyn's Voice in January 2018. It's been 6 months now, and we can't imagine our life without her. She is the cutest and silliest pup, and always keeps us entertained. She loves snuggles on the couch, and it brightens my day to have her follow me around the house. Each time we go out, everyone comments on how beautiful and well-behaved she is. Although she's a low energy dog, she has joined us on bike rides, runs, and in the pool - with the help of a dog backpack, stroller, and lifejacket. She is so easy-going, and really is up for anything! She is very attached to me (Meg), and makes it obvious that older rescued dogs can still form incredibly strong bonds with their new owner. Working with Marilyn's Voice was easy and helpful. The application process was thorough but they were very flexible due to our location in Ontario. Knowing the Muffy was in a foster home before we adopted her was a big relief, and it made the transition so much easier. She came to us already house trained, and we knew she would be ok napping the day away while we are at work. We needed a quiet dog for our apartment, and Muffy's foster mom was completely right - we still have not heard her bark (she does have quite the loud snore though)! We knew that she got along with other dogs and cats, and was just a sweet and gentle girl, all of which is still true and helped her fit right into our home. We support the mission of Marilyn's Voice to not just rescue dogs, but also to stop Puppy Mills and promote responsible adoption so fewer dogs need rescuing in the future. We have had a very positive experience working with the organization, and still feel very supported 6 months after adopting Muffy. Muffy even has her own instagram account @Muffymoo_thepeke for more photos! [gallery ids="8207,8208,8209,8210,8211,8212,8213,8214"]
  • Thank you for reaching out to us. We would love to give an update. We named her Callie. Our boys and Don and I are so in love with her. She has fit so well into our family. She makes us laugh everyday. She is so very sweet and loves to cuddle.   She weighs somewhere in a the 3lb range. We are getting her spayed next week. We are a little nervous about that but we know she will be in good hands.  Here are some pictures of her with our oldest son. Huge thank you to Marylin's voice. [gallery ids="8203,8204"]
  • Attached are some pictures of “Boomer”, and Boomer with his
    sister, Yoshi. I don’t mind if you post on Facebook or the website. Boomer is doing great. He is super friendly to everyone, he minds us well, and loves to play with his toys. We enjoy having him so much.
    He is a good dog.
    [gallery ids="8198,8199,8200"]
  • Things with him are good. He goes by bandit now since he responds better to it. He’s a barker but so are all our other dogs haha. He’s def part of the house and always has been and will be. [gallery ids="8193,8194,8195"]
  • Phoebe (Vivian) is doing great!! She is still very dedicated to her place on the sofa but does jump down to go outside which is very exciting for her. She runs and jumps and is so adorable. I’m working on getting her to get off the sofa on her own to get a drink of water. Yesterday was very exciting. She has had a difficult time feeling safe going up the stairs in our split level. Yesterday I went up 2 levels to get dressed and she started barking since Fozzie was with me. All of a sudden she came running all the way up the stairs to be with us!!! And did it again with us today - all 3 of us together. She is so cute when she realizes it’s OK to do something on her own. She is a very good traveler in the car with Fozzie. Fozzie keeps her face clean licking her until it makes me crazy but she doesn’t seem to mind. She will tell him if it gets too much for her. She’s had 2 visits to the spa to get beautiful and is a very good girl for them. Thank you so much for rescuing her so we can share our love with her. She & Fozzie are just a joy! [gallery ids="8187,8188,8189,8190"]
  • Lou has been a blessing. We spoil him rotten. I just want to say thank you again!
    [gallery ids="8179,8180,8181,8182,8183,8184"]
  • These pics and video will say it all. Perfect!
  • Lola has been the perfect addition to our family! She loves playing and snuggling with her big brother Hank, a 6 year old boxer. Her favorite things to do are bringing us random household items and playing fetch with her favorite green ball, that she stole from her brother. She thinks ice cubes are greatest thing in the world and loves taking a long walk. Lola was nervous of car rides but is slowly getting used to them. We can’t even imagine our lives without her and are so glad Marilyns Voice brought her to us!
  • I just looked at my beautiful, head strong, silly, loving, attention craving, fur baby and thought of our journey.  It will be six years in September since we met at a Petsmart event, after seeing her on PetFinder.   We have been through a lot - including three moves but always together. Thank you for bringing us together - she is a happy, healthy girl that I’m thankful for everyday.
  • She grows more confident every day & is just the sweetest little thing! Fozzie loves her bunches & is very protective of her. They are destined to be best friends!
  • We absolutely love love him! The girls (Kaia- 12 & Jess - 9) renamed him Zip, because he zips around all day. He makes us laugh every day with his playful antics and lovable personality. He is almost never alone because I work from home but when I do travel my husband takes him to doggie day care so he gets his exercise and doggie socialization. We just closed on a house with 2 1/2acres so he'll have plenty of space to run around. His big brother Milo (11yrs old) get along great with him but poor Milo is older with arthritis so he doesn't play with Zip as much as he would like.
    We just got married in December so Zip is now a part of the Mack Family. [gallery ids="7199,7200,7201,7202,7203,7204,7205,7206,7207,7208"]
  • Belle is doing great! She is the happiest dog we have ever met and it’s hard to remember how things were before we had her! She has quite the personality and really enjoys playing with her toys and carrying them around the house. She also has recently discovered the fireplace and enjoys laying in front of it on cold winter days. She loves her two brothers and they all get along great. It has been remarkable to see the progress she has made since the first time she came over to visit - where she sat by the door and cried and wouldn’t let us pick her up. Now, she is inseparable from us. She gives so much love and we are so happy to be able to give her the forever home she deserves. We are lucky to have her! [gallery ids="7194,7195,7196"]
  • I renamed him Tony. He is doing great. He has gained some weight, he was very thin. When I got him, he was getting over a respiratory infection. I took him to my vet for a check up and they said that he had a birth defect, his nostrils were too small, they were just slits instead of holes. This made it difficult for him to breathe. Also, his soft palette was covering part of his trachea. He had surgery to fix both issues. He is much better now and his breathing is quiet and he can eat better. The foster mom said he was not a very active dog and he wasn't until the surgery. He is now very active. He runs and plays with my pekingese, Mickey. He is a very lovable, easy going, and playful little guy. I love him so much.   [gallery ids="7172,7173,7174,7175,7176,7177,7178"]
  • Buddy aka Linus is doing very well. He is one of the family. Buddy is a large part of our every day life. We go for rides and walks (weather permitting), play fetch (he really likes his toys). Santa came this last Christmas and he got a stocking full of toys and treats. Buddy is a very good dog. It’s very hard to put into words how smart and affectionate this dog really is. We are very lucky to have found him. We have enclosed some pictures. P.S. Buddy is a great cuddler, too! It’s Valentine’s Day everyday with Buddy!!
  • His name is Shaolin and he's very well adjusted. Spoiled really. Great little pup, we absolutely enjoy him.
  • We are just obsessed with Toby (aka Grampy is what we call him). He LOVES to sleep, cuddle, and his stuffed toys. I'm glad that we were patient because he did have a hard time originally adjusting (he would bark all day while we were gone at work, had some food/bone aggression, and liked to mark on our pillows on our beds). We have now solved all of these issues! He no longer is marking, he doesn't bark all day, he goes to the bathroom in the backyard and has been doing GREAT. I hate going anywhere because I  don't like leaving him. He's very happy and I'm so happy I found him (I even cried when I went on vacation and left him with my sister, lol). I took him to the vet last month and the vet said he is a great weight and thinks he's a little older than originally thought (she thinks about 7). I walk him a lot to keep him active. Attached are some pictures :) [gallery ids="7156,7157,7158,7159"]
  • We renamed Bradley. His new name is Mario and he started answering to it right away! We love this little guy! He really is a funny dog and loves to play with our George. George and Mario are like brothers.  He loves to play and also nap. When the weather is nice he love to chase squirrels and it’s hard to get him inside. He also loves the snow! He is very spoiled and has me wrapped around his little paw! He adjusted so well here and he brought out the life in our older dog. I can’t say enough about how happy we are with Mario! He does like to get into trouble too! I attached some pictures. Let me know if you want more. [gallery ids="7151,7152,7153"]
  • He is just fantastic- so fun and lots of energy but also loves to cuddle. He and Gracie are great pals and you should see them play together- they are adorable and hysterical! I will ask my daughter to put up some pictures. We did rename him- “Sully”( Sullivan) and he definitely knows his name! We are so happy he is part of our family. [gallery ids="7146,7147"]
  • She is great. Very spoiled! I know that we are slacking about sending some pictures.  I promise I’ll put something together by the end of the week and send it with some pictures to you! She did not do well with the crate, so we only had her in it for about two weeks and now we just have her on the first floor when we are not home and she is much more relaxed and happy with that. She is definitely chewing. Even though we have plenty of toys and treats for her, she did manage to wreck our coffee table. I put a tablecloth on it and called it a day! She is very loving and warms up to everyone that comes to the house very quickly. She is smart and was easily trained. She had some accidents the first two days she was with us and again the first day we were gone and she was left out of the crate alone. Since then, no accidents. We are still working on leash training, which has been challenging with the weather, but she’ll get there. My husband spoils her more than I do and she is great with our daughter who has autism. She is a very happy pup and has been a great addition to our family.          
  • Hailey is such a sweet little girl, she loves belly rubs and to be cuddled. Her big sister Cherie is very grateful to have a buddy, they get along very well.          
  • I can't believe it has been three months! Gigi Ann is known as Izzy now. Well, her full name is Isadorable, which she actually is! She is the best dog! She is the sweetest, most calm and easy going dog ever. She does not care for dog treats or toys, but prefers toothbrushes and cardboard boxes! She has grown so much since we got her. She was so tiny, she looked like a puppy. She now weighs 8.5 pounds... and looks huge! Most of that is because her hair has grown back after being shaved. She has the softest, fluffy hair ever. And it's curly! I'm not sure what kinds of dogs are in there, but she is wonderful. We are so thrilled she chose us to live with us!! You may absolutely use her picture or whatever you choose. Thank you so much for rescuing her and all the other dogs. I believe she is grateful as well, as she has taken over the house!          
  • We are doing great. Our new little girl has adapted quite well, and has filled the void left in our lives from the loss of our sweet Molly. Thank you for trusting us with her.