Marilyn's Voice's is a 501(c) (3) Registered Non-Profit Organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs that have suffered abuse and neglect at puppy mills, or that have become unclaimed at shelters or surrendered by owners.

About Marilyn's Voice

As a volunteer-based organization, Marilyn's Voice relies on donations and adoption fees to provide veterinarian treatment and medications for animals under our care.

All Marilyn's Voice animals live in foster homes and become rehabilitated and socialized by volunteer fosters.

Our thorough and rigorous adoption processes provide us the very best opportunity to place animals in the best possible home

Every animal is fully vetted, spayed or neutered and provided complete healthcare.

Volunteers house, feed, transport, love, train and rehabilitate MV animals.

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See Happy Tails

  • We can’t believe we have had Franklin for over 6 years and Sailor Sal for almost 6 years!
    We wanted to let you know how great they are doing and are the bear big brothers to their human sister.
  • We love our Jack.  He is such a sweet little dog. House training is coming along.  He knows what the side door means, has found his spot.   Poop training is not going as good, but it’s coming.  He is such a smart little dog, like Jack Russells are, and he will get it eventually. His favorite spot to nap is on my husbands lap and for sleep, he likes to be in bed with me He seems happy here and we are so happy to have him.  He’s a treasure.
  • This is just Cookie doing her calisthenics. Getting those stretches done first thing in the morning. Cookie has gotten use to us fairly well.

    She is usually quiet but she has her vocal moments, which is usually when it’s time to fix her meal.  She loves watching TV – Disney Cartoons. We have a TV in one end of our dining room for the dogs. The TV is on a timer & sometimes it shuts off.


  • Oscar has settled in and I feel he knows he is home. He's my little shadow and loves to snuggle. This year has been incredibly difficult after losing my parents and my beloved 16 year old dog ,Cupcake. Oscar saved me, I needed him as much as he needed a loving home. He loves to go on walks , belly rubs, and burying himself under blankets. He 's just a little love. Christmas is going to be so different, but we are making new memories. Thank you Marilyn's voice for all you do. Merry Christmas!

  • Andi has stolen our hearts. She seems so happy with her new sister and three brothers. Andi still shows signs of fear almost like ptsd from the puppy mill. She gets nervous when meeting others and runs to hide.
    She gets so excited if we go for a ride. She really and truly smiles at us. Going outside is another favorite  thing. She runs with the others and plays as if she has always been with us.
    We are so happy that we have Andi. She has so many cute and laughable behaviors that we enjoy her everyday. Thank you so much for choosing us for her.
  • A little update on Ren (formerly Maverick) - he is fitting in so well! He and Muffy (formerly Oreo Cookie) love to snuggle in bed together as you can see from the photo. He even gets Muffy to play and wrestle, and she walks much better with Ren along as encouragement. He is so funny and full of energy. He loves all the toys we bought for Muffy (but that she ignores). Thanks again for everything that you do, and of course thanks for both of our pups!
  • Fiyero is doing great and we adore him!!!
    He is very mellow and affectionate. We boarded him at Ultimutt Inn in Burton when we went away and he had a wonderful time playing with the other small dogs. The staff said he was very well behaved. He is eating well and his weight is up to 14 pounds which the vet said is perfect!
    We love love love him and he brings us so much joy!
    Fiyero is ready for winter in his down coat! See attached picture.
    Fiyero had his own room with bed at Ultimutt Inn and I think he liked it!
  • She is doing fantastic and she is an amazing addition to the family!  She loves going for walks and relaxing on top of pillows, which her doggy brother has taught her. She has really come out of her shell and has gotten super comfortable! Allie has really conquered her fear of men. She has really warmed up to my husband and evens greets him at the door when he comes home, and during the holidays my sons were in and did very well with them! She loves frolicking when she gets back inside from the rain. She loves to be held and loves to cuddle and gives kisses.  She is a big foodie and will eat and beg for what ever she can. She loves chewing raw hides and likes to toss it around and catch it! It is adorable when she smiles cause her two little teeth show! She loves our other dog Louie and they get along so well!
  • Munchie is doing wonderful. He is such a sweet and obedient dog. Loves to be with me 24/7. He still is doing a lot of panting when he gets nervous or goes somewhere new. Doesn’t like toys but is very friendly to other dogs. Just love him🥰
  • Willow has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has come quite a long way. She is faster at getting to know new people and before long she is bringing a toy to them. The neighbors love her! She now has ALL giving her treats with that sweet little face. She plays hard and we do our best to wear her out. She "talks" now when we come's like a little howl-purr kinda thing and then she brings us a toy. After her dinner, she crashes (usually on one of our laps). At least once a day she does something to make us laugh. She is a pleasure. Thank you so much for letting her become part of our family. We love her so much!
  • We are so happy we adopted this sweet boy. He gets and gives plenty of cuddles!!!!
  • Thanks so much for checking in. Boomer has been doing great! We've really loved making him part of our little family. He's been adapting to our routines nicely, and he's even started getting up early with us even though he's not much of a morning dog. He graduated from his first set of training classes with us last month, and I think we'll be doing more once the holiday season is over. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him, hes been a really wonderful addition to our lives. Please feel free to let me know if you need anything else from me, and please share the photo if you'd like!
  • He is as playful and spoiled as can be lol. I have to work on getting him socialized because it doesn't seem like he's dog friendly on our walks but other than that he's great! I also send his fosters pic updates as well.
  • Lacey has settled in and is just delightful. She is the gentlest, sweetest little soul. She had such a rough life before you all rescued her and yet her resilience is remarkable. You gave her a new life! I love her more than I can say, and she is a true joy. She and Tink are best friends and are inseparable. They play together all the time. And of course we all three snuggle together in bed at night. We are a very happy little family. Here are a couple pictures of them. Lacey is the one standing in the one picture. One is with her and Tink snuggling. And here's one with just Lacey. You can absolutely share them. Thank you again for all your help in bringing this little angel into my life!
  • Levi is doing well. He has completed the advanced obedience classes at Dogsmartz. I have taught him a few tricks too. He is a terrific dog. He and my fearful chihuahua have become real close. They are always together. They are good for each other.
  • Today marks one year since we adopted Issac! I didn't realize how much a puppy mill survivor had to learn. Isaac has come a long way in the past year! He has learned to walk up and down stairs. He tries to play with some toys thanks to help of Bridgette. He is now ok doing his business on the grass instead of on cement. He is not so skittish of people and will let them touch him. He's still not real fond of men. Pretty much house broken. He just started scratching on our leg when he wants to go out. Like clockwork when it's time to eat he let's us know by pacing and barking until he gets his food.. lol. He is a pure joy. Just love him. Thanks so much for choosing us to be Isaac's Mom & Dad!
  • I just wanted to write and get an update on Honeybee, formerly known as Delilah. Firstly, thank you so much for the care that you gave to this precious little puppy before I met her. And thank you for considering our family. Honeybee is our precious little girl. She is sweet, very intelligent, and has made my life so much better for just for her being in it. (more…)
  • Remember these two adorable pups, Tootie and Mugzi. It's been over a year since we adopted them. They are the greatest addition to our family. So SPOILED and love living in New York. From the treats, homemade meals and taking up the entire bed at night, they are living the life, LOL. We do check your site to see if you have any pekes or pugs that need a home. Keep us in mind if you need a home for a peke or pug!
  • We love him! He has a permanent home with my son and I. This is a perfect match. Guests arrived early for Easter and he decided to join a party across the street as the door opened. We now have an invisible fence AND dog run. Loves rides in the car, but always leashed. He has current shots and will be getting his teeth cleaned soon. He loves Pet Smart now. Many visits to purchase toys and one groom. He lets me trim his facial hair and nails. Hates a bath though. Will be sending pictures via my phone. Thank you!
  • Ira continues to do well in our family and we are so very happy to have him. It is wonderful to be greeted by his wagging tail and excitement when we come home. He has the run of the house and is 99% house-trained. Ira has gained the pound or two that the vet recommended and appears to be a happy and friendly dog. He likes to go for car rides, enjoys the outdoors, and seems more aware of his surroundings when we're out walking. Recently we took him to a local event where there were many dogs and he did very well socializing with the other dogs. He is still in the process of learning some basic commands, but knows the meaning of "potty," "go outside," "go for a ride," "no," "street," "up" and few other words. We'll keep working with him. (more…)
  • Tonka is doing great! He’s out on a touch of weight and is now a healthy 4 lbs and loves playing and snuggling with his sisters! He’s becoming more and more energetic and runs around playing with anything he can find: remotes, cell phones, notebooks! We have an appointment with an ophthalmologist in early September for possible cataracts but he is otherwise very healthy! I’ll send some pictures!
  • Benji (now Charlie) is doing Very well! He is the absolute sweetest dog I have ever met. He has charmed his way into the hearts of my friends and family! I have honestly never seen such an easy going dog! In addition to teaching, I run a nonprofit theatre company, and Charlie actually had a role in our most recent production, Legally Blonde! He was, by far, the biggest hit and he had the entire audience flocking to him after every performance. He’s truly such a sweetheart.
  • In June we adopted a beautiful ginger colored Boston Terrier called Bugsy. We have changed her name to Bugaboo but mostly call her Bug. We have had Bostons for over 30 years and when we found out about Bug, thru our friend Becki who is a foster parent for Marilyn’s Voice, we couldn’t pass her up. Ginger isn’t an acceptable color for the breed by AKC standards but all we cared about was her temperament and turned out she is the sweetest girl ! (more…)
  • I wanted to say thank you for running such an amazing organization and all who helps run it. Maddy Bear came into my life a year and a half ago and she captivated not only my heart but anyone who meets her. When I first got Maddy (Matty was her name) she was a scared , sad little girl who had a rough start at life. Her foster mom let me know she is very sweet but it would be a challenge. With sometime it fills my heart with happiness to say Maddy Bear is a happy , sassy, full of life little girl! She now loves to be the center of attention and even at times uses her behind to knock other dogs if they are taking her attention. She is so interactive . It’s truly amazing to see this change. If it wasn’t for Marilyn’s voice I would never have met the little sweet girl (yes sassy at times) who stole and filled my heart .
  • Here is a pic of Fiyero right after we got him groomed! He is the sweetest dog in the world and we adore him!
  • We’ve had Sosa for about a month now and couldn’t be happier! She has adapted well and our older dog Lucy enjoys playing with Sosa. She loves to play keep away with her toys, playing, walks, playing freely in the back yard (fenced in), going to the river to chase rocks as they move down the stream, and then cuddling on the couch after a busy day. She also enjoys all her dog friends and cousins and all the neighborhood kids that love on her each day. As I said above, We were out of town for a few days and a friend was keeping her for us. I worried while we were gone that she would feel abandoned by us...when I brought her home upon our return her excitement of returning to us (and her yard) was obvious. I think she knows she is in her forever home now!
  • Thanks for checking in. We are doing really well. Eleanor actually goes by Asscher now, and I am just in love with her. She has been the perfect match for me. Loves snuggling on the couch and going outside for walks and just keeping me company wherever I go. She curls up next to me when I sleep. Always super excited when I pick her up from doggy day care and has been getting better with playing and socializing with the other dogs there. But she loves going and very comfortable there. She lost a little bit more weight and is now 14.5 pounds and the vet says she looks good. Up to date on her shots and dental work.
  • I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how well Annika/Lulu is doing! She’s the sweetest, sweetest little thing. She and Georgie play together all day. He adores her :) She chases him then he chases her. So don’t think we’re crazy lol We also got them an enclosed “baby” stroller :) I hope you’re well. Thanks again for choosing us for this special little girl!
  • Well as you can see the girls and Dolly have adjusted just fine. Now that the weather is finally cooperating the girls spend quite a bit of time in the yard. Dottie is becoming a couch potato when we retire to the front room later in the evening she insists on being on the couch with us. Megan leaps off the deck 2 steps down instead of 1 step at a time like the other dogs. You'd think she was a flying squirrel. PS We will have Dolly 1 year on the 14 of June. Thanks for your caring, hope to here from you soon.
  • Chloe settled in really well though, and quickly. I think my working from home and being here almost 100% of the time her first week really helped. She is doing really well though. She takes me on 3-4 walks most days, and loves saying hi to all her dog friends up and down the block, although we do have an issue with her trying to bite if she gets too close to them, so we normally say hi from a distance. She's still a major lap dog, and really loves her neck scratches and belly rubs, as well as playing with her squeaky toys. Outside of the house she is still a little skittish around people she doesn't know well, but she loves visitors, especially when my mom or my dad visit. (more…)
  • Fozzy Bear's doing great! He has been renamed Watson, and he spends all day playing with his new friend Morkie. His fur has grown out in to a fluffy mess of curls, and he's as soft as a cloud. He's learning his commands well, but he definitely has a mind of his own! When he's not chasing Morkie in the yard, his favorite activities are laying out on the patio in the sun, or snuggling on the couch under a blanket. We are so happy Watson was able to join our family, he's definitely made himself right at home.
  • Poor Emma came here pretty traumatized!  With her foster mom leaving her behind in a new, strange place with a new strange mom!  To add to her trauma, I did change her name from Emma to Buffy.  She adapted quickly luckily.
    Buffy is a gentle gal.  She's timid and extremely quiet. I don't expect her to be my watchdog, she's too easy going for that! She doesn't have any curiosity which I find different. It was about 4 months before I heard her bark and only one little bark as she begged for a treat!  I like to think that we have bonded.  After I had her for about six weeks, I enrolled her in puppy school.  I'm not sure if it was for her or for me!  I learned a lot and she did too.  She seemed to enjoy being put through her paces.  Below is her graduation picture....
  • I feel like we've had Vixen for years. She's part of the family for sure. :) She is doing really well and is happy & healthy. She's settled into her routine and now loves going on walks. When she first came, she would hide when we'd try to walk her because she was so afraid of the noise from traffic. Now, she runs to the door with excitement when she sees the leash come out. Happy to report she's 99.99% house trained with only the very occasional accident. She spends time in the yard chasing birds, playing fetch and has even had some playdates with other little dogs in the neighborhood. She loves to snuggle and prefers sleeping in bed with one of us over anywhere else. She even has her own Instagram page @VixenTheChorkie. Lol.
  • It’s SO hard to believe, she has made her way into everyone’s hearts <3 we can’t thank you enough! We are still working out a few kinks with her triggers, but she has become a totally different dog! She’s so sweet, loving, and always ready for a new adventure. We can’t believe how well she has blended with us!
  • Auggie is doing great! Just took him up to our camper this past weekend...he LOVED it. He's settling in just great with our family, including Rosie and her sister Minnie.
  • Molly (now Lucy) and her brother Linus are the best of friends!!! She is our little princess and she is a perfect angel!! You can absolutely share any pictures you’d like and let people know they can follow her on Instagram @thevanpuppers
    It took her a few weeks for house training but she learns very quickly. She knows basic commands and does well on her leash. We go to the park every day and she loves to chase the birds. She makes friends everywhere we go and has put on a little bit of weight (due to being totally spoiled).
    Linus and Lucy have the run of the house while we’re away at work. They lounge on the couch and watch the world go by or nap in bed. They love to wrestle and chase and share all their toys and bones.
    She met our groomer two weeks ago and the groomer said she was “like an old pro” on the table. She enjoys belly rubs and being brushed and pampered.
  • He's made so much progress in the short time we've had him. He's almost potty trained he just needs to learn how to tell us when he needs to go out. We've had him in a basic training class. He's learned to heel, sit and stay. He's still working on come and down. He loves to go on walks and cuddle (even with me). When he first joined our family he was hesitant to go outside but as soon as I open the door he runs as fast as he can to the backyard. It's been pure joy to watch him come out of his shell and show us his personality.
  • He now goes by Watson (we were watching a lot of Sherlock when we adopted him) and he is loving his new family!
    He's gained a little weight, and he got a fluffy haircut. Watson is such a sweet little guy, he's still working on potty training and basic commands, but he wants to learn and is getting better every day. We are happy he joined our family!
  • It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 months since we adopted our beautiful little girl.  I should tell you that we changed her name to Bailey. She is really becoming more comfortable with us.  She is so smart and learns so quickly.  We still have a ways to go but we know she will get there on her own time. She loves following me wherever I go.
  • Spencer is doing very well. He seems to really love his forever home. He loves cuddling with mom and dad and spends many hours in his chair looking out the window and keeping watch of the neighborhood. And when he is not doing that, he loves following us around. He has really appreciated the recent warmer weather as he enjoys his long walks and running in the back yard and playing catch with Brendan and Daniel. We are so thankful he is part of our family.
  • (We did rename her Betsy) She is great. Adding her to our family was the best decision. We love her curiosity and energy. She gets along perfectly with our other dog, Barney. He’s now around 12, and Betsy motivates him to play. Barney is a bit on the lazy side, but Betsy energizes him. They also lay together occasionally.  She’s come out of her shell. She’s loves running around the backyard and going on walks with us and Barney.
  •  Smokey is doing good!! He gets along great with Lola, our beagle and they love playing together. We are working on his hoarding of toys and guarding them. He takes one toy at a time upstairs  until he has a collection. He does play with them upstairs and we have more toys downstairs. Lola could care less about it. We welcome any suggestions you may have. He does not growl at Gary, Kayla or me for the most part unless he has a toy he thinks is valuable. Then he will growl at Kayla if she gets too close to him. I can take the toy away from him without a problem. Smokey sleeps in our bed usually cuddling next to me. He loves to be petted and is learning how to be less jealous when I pet Lola or pay attention to her. He loves to go for walks and chase birds in the back yard.
  • Lincoln is doing fantastic!  We had some serious infection at first but that’s cleared and he’s loving his role as big dog in the house!
    He loves going to the barn, cabin and anywhere really!  We are so thankful to you and your organization!  You do amazing work.
  • Linus is doing great, he loves the outdoors and his toys especially his Ice cream and Taco(has a thing for food toys I guess lol). We did some private training that has really helped to get him a little more under control. He definitely still has stranger danger issues but I am able to manage him a lot better and get him to calm, a lot of improvement since day one. I am not sure if he will ever be the type of dog just anyone can reach down and pet. I make sure to voice that to anyone trying and visually by him wearing a caution harness and his leash says do not pet.  It just takes him time with people, he is fine with my family, and all my people. We call it the circle of trust ....your either in or out lol. Really if you just take the time to spend with him and let him get comfortable he's fine.  (more…)
  • We adopted Timmy in mid July 2018 and this little boy has stolen our hearts!  We renamed him Muzz (my late Father's nickname), which is such a joy to hear people calling the name "Muzzy!" again.  Muzzy has stolen our other dog Lola's heart as well!  Lola wakes up every morning and kisses Muzzy's face.  They love playing together, although Muzzy is not very good at sharing, he usually just steals the toy from Lola's mouth and runs away, and of course she lets him.  He loves to snuggle and thankfully loves me smothering him with kisses. Everyone who comes over wants to hold him, he gets passed around like a new baby and (more…)
  • Alfie is doing terrific. We actually changed his name to Ralphie. He's a freeze baby that has wheezled his way onto sleeping with us every night. He also goes to grandmas a few times a week to play with his cousin Dakota. He gets LOTS of exercise. He really is the greatest dog.
  • Benson is adjusting really well into our family. He gets along great with Kona who is also a Marilyns Voice rescue. They love to go for their daily walks and play with their basket full of toys. Benson loves to cuddle on the couch with all of us. He is the perfect addition to our family. Thanks again for everything.