Marilyn's Voice's is a 501(c) (3) Registered Non-Profit Organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs that have suffered abuse and neglect at puppy mills, or that have become unclaimed at shelters or surrendered by owners.

About Marilyn's Voice

As a volunteer-based organization, Marilyn's Voice relies on donations and adoption fees to provide veterinarian treatment and medications for animals under our care.

All Marilyn's Voice animals live in foster homes and become rehabilitated and socialized by volunteer fosters.

Our thorough and rigorous adoption processes provide us the very best opportunity to place animals in the best possible home

Every animal is fully vetted, spayed or neutered and provided complete healthcare.

Volunteers house, feed, transport, love, train and rehabilitate MV animals.

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  • Rocky joined our family in July. We can’t imagine our lives without him. He bonded with his mom instantly and proved to be a great work from home dog companion. Rocky goes everywhere with his parents. He loves going to eat on patios and the outdoor shopping at Crocker Park. He also likes going on hikes in his backpack. He has tons of toys and has learned to play. He also likes playing with other dogs and going on car rides.
  • Mia is doing absolutely wonderful; she is a perfect fit!  I love her sooo much and so does my other dog Slater! Mia is like a baby Doll and so sweet; I am soo happy I found her.  Her foster mom visited with us a few weeks ago and brought her own Chihuahua.  We had a great play date that day.
  • Toby ( black and white Shih Tzu)and Rosie (Bishon)are best friends! Toby was adopted from MV in 2015 and is such a great boy. Rosie Was adopted from another rescue a few years later and they have been inseparable since.
  • Ella is doing just wonderful.  We love her so much. Unfortunately, our oldest dog Iscis got a sick about a month after Ella joined our family and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Having Ella helped to keep my mind busy so that I wasn't as sad.  Our other dog Sabre has grown close to Ella now as well.   I will get some pics together and send to you for the website.
  • Mikey is a DOLL – I love him so much!!  He’s doing fantastic!  Honestly, every day I feel like his confidence grows.  When he first arrived, he was pretty fearful/anxious when people would come to the house, or when people would approach him when we were out walking.   He’s getting soooo much better!   He’s done great with people coming into the house, and there’s even a few neighbors he “allows” to pet him when we’re out!!
    He LOVES being covered up in a blanket!!  I discovered this by accident, I wrapped him up one night when it was storming to try and calm him, and found that he loves it!! He always needs to be close to me … whether sitting on the couch or going to bed, he needs to be right next to me or on top of me!! He loves to walk!!  We generally walk a mile in the morning and a mile after dinner … this little guy can move!!
    He LOVES car rides, too!!  As soon as I say let’s go to the car … he gets soooo excited!!  I have to crack the window for him!
  • The pups (now named Gizmo and Rosie) are doing great!  For being litter mates, it is surprising how different their personalities are!  Rosie is pretty independent but is petrified of her leash and harness and therefore, not a huge fan of walks; whereas, Gizmo loves his walks!  Gizmo loves to cuddle and be carried around like a baby.  Rosie wants to be near but would rather do her own thing than be cuddling, except at night when she is tired. They each know several commands including, high five, crawl, down, sit, high ten and sit pretty.  Rosie has mastered the stay command to the point that we can go into another room and call her before she will move.  Gizmo, not so much!  They bring joy to our life and make us smile every day.  Thank you for rescuing these pups and countless others and giving them a chance to be adopted into loving homes!  Keep up the great work.
  • Joplin is still  a very sweet and happy dog. She is content to run and play then snuggle up and nap too. Had to postpone training for health reasons (not hers) we'll get to that as soon as possible.
  • She is a welcome addition to our family. She is bossy, sassy, stubborn and funny. We traveled to Yellowstone and back with her this past August. She wanted to watch out the windows most of the time and took command of the beds in the hotels. While going for a boat ride is not her favorite thing, she tolerates it. She loves to walk - the usual route we take here in our condo complex is a mile and we walk it 2-3 times a day unless it rains. Along the way her head is on a swivel looking for every dog she's met along the way (she has her favorites) as well as the houses of people who may have spoken to us at some point in time. It appears she had training of some sort - she knows sit, down, leave it, but not so good on come or stay. Maybe I just don't know the proper words. When we brought her home we had some issues with her stools so on the advice of our vet we put her on a different diet. She has filled out a bit but she is by no means fat, and her exercise/energy level remains high like I stated above. You are welcome to share the pics I attached. We love her and are thankful to your organization for letting us bring her home.
  • From the moment we  got home it seemed as if she had been with me forever. Piper follows me around all day but she gets along with the grand kids and all the neighbors and their dogs ... I couldn’t be happier .. it’s a match made in heaven .. Thank you!
  • We all just love Flash.  She's a big love bug!
  • Tito, which I have named Louie is doing very well.  We are making slow progress with his trust issues.  He lets me pet him. I also have been able to kiss him on the head.  He greets me tail wagging when I come home after being gone.  He is the king of the castle.  Just had him to the vet yesterday for a nail trim.  My Vet is aware of his special needs, he gives me meds to relax Louie so they can do what they need to for him.  The vet left him fluxotine for the present.  He has taken over my recliner.  He also has a bed in my room.  I feel in time I can get him to trust .e.  i want to teach him to play.  I am attaching pictures I have been sending to Peggy with updates.   He has found his forever home.
  • Tank, formerly known as Chandler, is living it up in his new home! He has been a blessing during our extended time at home...he is quite entertaining and a daredevil himself.  He has enjoyed several new adventures, including boating, paddle boarding, and car rides. He even has his own basket that fits on our bikes so he loves an evening bike ride too! He plays with his sister, Reese, a GSP, several times each day.  She has done a great job showing him dog etiquette and some manners too. He has met a dog trainer, and he is perfectly well behaved during training (he knows just what to do to get hot dog treat!). He is rather smitten with a poodle puppy that lives across the street.  When he sees her or hears her bark, he can’t get to her fast enough.  Together they run at full speed around the yard until they are both exhausted.  He loves to snuggle too.  He fit perfectly into our family!
  • Tia (Tatia Piper Lange) is the black/white one and Addy (Addison Elsbeth Lange) is the blonde one.  Lenny and I are smitten with them.  It was harder for us this last time with no other dogs in the house to help us train the newcomers, but all has worked out.  They have taught us how they want some things, and we have let them know how some things are supposed to be done.  We still have to work on walking on a leash and sitting to get trimmed but know it will all work out in time.  We are super lucky to have gotten such sweet dogs although I must say Addy tends to be a piggy wiggy and thinks all the toys are hers even if she doesn’t really want to play with them.  Thank you for asking about them.
  • Tia (Tatia Piper Lange) is the black/white one and Addy (Addison Elsbeth Lange) is the blonde one.  Lenny and I are smitten with them.  It was harder for us this last time with no other dogs in the house to help us train the newcomers, but all has worked out.  They have taught us how they want some things, and we have let them know how some things are supposed to be done.  We still have to work on walking on a leash and sitting to get trimmed but know it will all work out in time.  We are super lucky to have gotten such sweet dogs although I must say Addy tends to be a piggy wiggy and thinks all the toys are hers even if she doesn’t really want to play with them.  Thank you for asking about them.  Have a good week end!  Terri
  • Wes is wonderful!   He is full of energy and loves to run around the yard and chase the squirrels and birds!  He is getting used to the dogs around us and was the hit of our garage sale!!!  We have had family in town for a week and a half and he is great with them; they all love him.  We crate him during the workday and he is just fine....he even goes in now every morning when he knows it’s time for me to leave.  I leave the door open and he still stays in!  He loves to snuggle and give kisses and sleep with us, and we are hoping to take him to visit my mom as soon as we are allowed to see her in person.  We love him to pieces and couldn’t be happier!!
  • Tonka is doing great! He and his pal Louie(Lugi) enjoy hanging out together and getting treats and chasing each other.
    Tonka has a wonderful personality and is such a loving little guy. He is great with other dogs and enjoyed the kitty cats at Dr.Hills (his vet) after his follow up appointment for post neuter check up, and wellness visit.
    We are so blessed to have Tonka in our lives and he brings our family such joy!
  • He’s doing great! Renamed Buck. We just completed a six week training course with a Cold Nose Companions and I think he was the star pupil (I’m maybe a little biased), learned new commands and the barking calmed down a lot. We’re doing another class starting in a few weeks.
    He’s an awesome dog. He has settled in here well and is really chill most of the time. Loves following me around everywhere but he’s also a big love bug to my son. Still let’s us know when the Amazon truck is here but doesn’t bark all the time. He loves going for hikes in the nearby state park as well as long walks around the property and hanging out with me while I garden.
  • I would love to update on Cora! She has brought us so much joy! She sleeps on my pillow and follows me around. She is learning to play with her new sisters. She loves to eat, she is up to 12lbs. Her favorite thing is probably riding on our golf cart. She runs outside and stands next to it waiting to be picked up. Her fur is so beautiful, we have had no issues with yeast infections. She gets groomed once a month, and stays current on her heart worm and flea meds. Last month she may have started getting allergies, but a Cytopoint shot seemed to have helped. We love her so much, and we thank you for choosing us to be her forever parents.
  • Tesha is coming along great. We are making improvements every day, small steps as they are...but improvements. She is playing with toys and is wanting more and more attention every day.
  • I think the pictures say it all! I have had dogs almost every day of my life and the transition of these two living together in our home ( with loved cats too)  has been seamless! They are nothing but fun... thank heavens for them particularly as we navigate the times were in! There hasn’t been one “dust up” over ANYTHING!
    We’re all enjoying a wonderfully high quality of life( within this craziness).
  • Henry (Beau) has turned into quite a character and a wonderful addition to the family !
    He follows Hank around constantly and has become a real "zoomer" in the backyard!  This past month my daughter with her min pin have been visiting and her Benny and Henry have really bonded.  They are especially good zoomers.  He is soooo fast!
  • Ralphie has now figured out how to climb up the stairs to the 2ND floor, so he may try jumping up on the couch next!  He did quickly get into the groove of John's week night "sandwich making time" for his lunch for the next day.
  • Mikey is doing great!  He’s taking his “guard dog” duties very seriously!!  He is enjoying his daily walks too.
  • Hello! Just wanted to send a few recent photos of Maverick (now Ren) the Pomeranian. He has settled in to our family so well. As you can see he loves snuggles with Muffy (aka MV's Oreo Cookie). He is such a good-natured happy dog, the groomer and vet both love having him visit. He is also very active and we can't believe he was considered a senior. He has been on 7km hikes with us! His favorite thing is belly rubs, and he will lie on his back and beg for them any chance he gets.
    Thanks again for both our dogs!!
  • He has quite an appetite and has a wonderful personality. He is really coming around!
  • I wanted to share a picture of Mini on her 1st birthday! Since we only knew she was born in May we decided to give her a birthday of May 1st. She will enjoy her birthday with lots of love and attention ( no different than any other day) and a special treat. Here’s to many many more birthdays!!
  • Monica would kiss Bacon and egg her on to play.  She has a doggie car seat and loves her new pink collar as opposed to the one they brought with them for the adoption.  She and Bacon love to snuggle up together now and are best of friends.  Monica weighs 14 pounds, is in perfect health, and will go on two mile runs at least 2 days a week with her dad.  He added that she runs like a greyhound!
  • Eddie is doing great. We don’t know what we did before he was a part of our family. He still had quite the personality. He’s a toilet paper and pen their!! He’s a beautiful boy.  Thanks for choosing us!
  • It will be 3 months next week since Emmy joined our family. As you can tell she gets along great with her siblings. She loves to go for walks, chase squirrels and sit under the tree waiting for them to come down. She loves to snuggle with her mommy. She let me trim the hair around her face just last week so we’re making progress. I am literally obsessed with this beautiful girl. She’s enjoying mommy working from the home the month for sure. Here’s a few pics but my camera roll is full of this silly, loving, sweet girl
  • Hi! We hope you are doing well during this crazy pandemic. We thought we would share with you some pictures of Spencer who is loving having everyone home! Take care.
  • Thought you might like to see some recent pics of Fiyero! These are crazy times!  Can’t believe I met him around this time a year ago already!!!
  •  She is doing great! She is such a sweetheart and wonderful addition to our family.
  • Marci is a very special little dog. When I first held her in my arms and walked out of her foster mom’s backyard, I could not believe that she was coming home with me. I am so incredibly grateful to Marilyn’s Voice and especially to her foster mom, Cheryl, for trusting me with her.
  • She’s is doing so well! She has really adapted to her new life here with us. She’s the little princess. She’s full of energy and makes us laugh everyday. A total lap dog who loves her people as much as we love her. She is attending training classes and is doing so well with that! She’s super smart and catches on so quickly as if she’s done this before! We can’t get enough of her little face.️  Her and Cooper are inseparable, you see one you see them both. Our
    shadows. We have chosen the name Mini for her. So we now have a Mini Cooper lol. We are so happy that she’s here with us and she will continue to be the little spoiled princess she deserves to be.
  • Sophie is doing well and didn't waste any time training me. The trip south was uneventful, she's extremely tolerant and nothing seems to bother her. We're pretty much perfect for each other.
    Kara told me she wasn't too interested in treats or playing with toys. Wrong! Eating is her favorite pastime and someone must have thought teaching her to beg was cute... as pictured it's kind of pathetic. She doesn't need to beg, she isn't shy about letting me know what she wants... and she gets it.  :-)  Her squeaky toy is her constant companion and she loves chasing it from one end of the house to the other.
    Kara totally accurate about Sophie being a couch dog. She has no problem getting comfy. She's a total bundle of love!
  • Nate has been doing great! He has adjusted to our family and schedules very well. He sleeps in one of our beds every night and also gets along with our other older dog too. Nate plays and follows our 7 year old daughter around all day, he especially loves when she has friends over. But above all, Nate absolutely LOVES to play ball.
    We are so lucky we found him!
  • Walter and Linus are doing very well! The five of us are a very happy family. Puddles loves her brothers. They are such characters, but she keeps them in line! Here are some of our fave photos.
  • Archie (Murphy) is doing great!  He is such a great little addition to our family.  He gets along so well with our other two dogs as well as our children.  He loves to snuggle and is constantly playing with our oldest dog, Bailey.  We are looking forward to warmer weather do we can go camping and for long walks.  Thank you again for letting us open our hearts and
  • We absolutely love Lola, she is super funny!    She loves to play ball and go for walks in the park.  The 3 pups have completely different personalities, but they all get along great!  At night Lola will tuck myself and Eric in.  She pulls the blanket up with her teeth and then pushes the blankets over us with her nose...super cute.
    We would like to thank marylins voice for all their hard work and dedication to saving the lives of so many fur babies.  They make wonderful family members!
  • Thanks so much for checking in on Toby. This in itself is why i would HIGHLY recommend marilyn svoice to whoever is looking to add a pet to their family. The organization is filled with volunteers who are so caring and loving and only want to find similar types of people to have adopt  from them. I have met and spoken to many people in the organization and everyone has the pets best interest in mind.
    That said Toby is doing fabulous in our home. He’s still adjusting and learning out routines but is coming out of his shell more and more everyday. He gets along great with our other dog and has won over the hearts of all who meet him.
    See the attached pictures.
    Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Toby and for letting him become a member of our family.
  • Time sure has flown by! And we love him so, so, so much. We changed Scooters name to Sid because we felt like it was a better fit for him. He’s adapted so well to our home! He definitely thinks he’s the boss and runs the household, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves going for his daily walks, he learned how to sit and shake paw, and he took over the leather couch. He is still a little fearful of new people (especially men) but he warms up to them quickly!  He is so precious and I feel so blessed you picked me to give him a fur-ever home!
  • Edna, AKA Phoebe is doing great. She is a very graceful kitty. She loves jumping after toys  romping around with her sister friend Rhoda also pictured here.
  • Jack is doing well.  House training is work in progress, but I would say it’s 75% accomplished.  He is such a sweet boy, I just can’t get mad at him when he leaves me a present . He is down to 16 lbs from 20 and looking very trim;  my Vet says 1 or 2 more lbs will be ideal.  He had his heart worm test, negative, and exam. He loves playing tug and going for walks. I am so glad I found him, he is a love bug and we love him right back.
  • Hi!!! He is doing quite well!! He’s a happy boy!! He loves being with me and going to the park. We had a lil problem with a luxated patella but he is all better! We had to add some bran to his diet because he was having a lot of problems with his anal glands but it seemed to so the trick! I love him and thank you again!!
  • Well for starters, we renamed him Louie.
    When we first got him he weighed like 13 lbs., he now weighs almost 30 lbs. He has been neutered and chipped.
    He loves, loves, loves to play with toys especially ones that squeak. His absolute favorite toy is a chicken that has the loudest most annoying squeaky noise!
    He loves to ride in the car. We take the grandkids to school every morning.
    He lays on top of the couch and basks in the sun and keeps watch for anything happening outside. Barks at everything!
    He has graduated from 2 training classes. Still has lots to learn, lol.
    Like most dogs, he is spoiled. We love him dearly!
  • I can't believe it's been almost a year! Our little Watson has come such a long way. He just had a check up at the vet, he weighs 8lbs and is in perfect health. He can fetch, sit, stay, ask nice for treats, and his potty training is nearly perfect. He loves to play with everyone, he's no longer so skittish around strangers, and he even gives kisses!
    Please thank his foster family for us, I know Georgia really connected with Fozzy Bear and I want her to know he is enjoying life as a happy, friendly little dog.