Kidz Corner

July 2016

Samantha  is a very special young lady that turned eleven and asked for donations  for MV  instead  of presents.
Sam  is a really altruistic  young lady and we are extremely  appreciative!

January 2016

A HUGE thank you to Miss Wells and Mr. Buemi's  3rd grade classes at Munson Elementary for working so hard to make and sell dog/cat toys and scarves to raise money for dogs in need at Marilyn's Voice. You are VERY special kids and are changing the lives of so many beautiful dogs! Thank you!!!!

December 2015


A huge thank  you to these  wonderful students from Solon High School's Paws for a Cause organization. We love having your help and support!

May 2015


Once again Mr. Buemi and his AWESOME 3rd graders from Munson Elementary worked diligently to create dog and cat toys as well as adorable human scarves. Then, these kids worked even harder to sell these items to raise money for the  abused and neglected dogs at Marilyn's Voice. Hats off to these REALLY special and altruistic kids!

March 2015

A huge thank you to these WONDERFUL kids from Sunview Elementary and their teacher, Mrs. Erwin.
They raised $1328.50 by making dog/cat toys and scarves, them selling them over the winter. These are some very special kids!!!

These amazing 4th and 5th graders  participate in the Good Shepherd Program at St. Gabriel (a Montessori based youth faith formation program). As a Lenten Stewardship project, the kids decided to raise money for Marilyn’s Voice. This was in responses to stories of their teacher’s recent adoptions of Tami and Leighla, and what these pets had endured before their adoption. The kids were very moved by the plight of these animals and wanted to do something to help. So, after the MV mascot Betty and Lambchop (adoptable dog) visited, the kids made dog treats and toys. The following week, the toys and treats were given to family member and friends in exchange for a donation.
The kids made $106.00!  They really went out and “Made a Difference!”
Thank you Miss Keverline and your wonderful class!

September 2014

Marilyn's Voice

Congratulations to Grace, a Marilyn’s Voice volunteer, for becoming “Junior Volunteer Of The Year for 2014.” Grace goes above and beyond to help care for our dogs in foster care, as well as raising money for them. Grace has given her first communion money as well as making and selling bracelets to raise money. Grace is a very special young lady!

August 2014

Kidz Corner

These amazing kids raised $260.50 for Marilyn's Voice (with the help of their awesome parents Karen and Ron).
This is their 10th year and every year gets better and better. These are some altruistic, wonderful kids!

January 2014


Thank you to Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Erwin at Sunview Elementary in Lyndhurst for helping your third grade class raise over $1600 for the pet sale this year!
You all should be commended for your hard work and dedication!


November 2013


Grace B. has been busy making bracelets with her Rainbow Loom then selling them to raise the money for the dogs; she donated her proceeds of $34.50 to Marilyn’s Voice today. Thank you Grace for all your hard work!

 September 2013


These fabulous girls from Willoughby girl scout troop 1360 were a huge help at
Marilyn’s Got Fashion With a Splash of Merlot!

Makenna, Jillian and Ryan made $236 for MV through their annual stand at the

September 2013


Makenna, Jillian and Ryan made $236 for MV through their annual stand at the "Fest." These awesome kids stood outside ALL DAY to sell drinks and food to people, In addition, they educated people about puppy mills and MV!

August 2013

Makenna, Jillian and Ryan with their kool aid stand they held all day Sunday. These fabulous kids raised $236!!!!!This is the third year these awesome kids have held this fundraiser for us during "The Fest" in Wickliffe. These creative kids approached all the families who attended the fest as they walked past their driveway. In addition, the neighbor kids, Anna and Matthew, raised $21 from babysitting and donated that to MV. What thoughtful kids!!!!

Anna,Ryan, Matthew,Jillian, Makenna



January 2013


The amazing kids at Sunview Elementary in Lyndhurst, under the guidance of Mrs. Erwin, Mrs, Tierney, Mrs. Burkhold and Mrs. Jordan raised almost $1500 for Marilyn's Voice through their holiday project . These awesome 3rd graders borrowed money from their Principal for collateral, bought supplies, made scarves and toys and sold them for a profit. These are some very altruistic kids!