I trust that you are still there and doing such important work! We adopted Lucy back in Feb/March of this year if that rings any bells. Attached is Lucy hanging out on my couch this afternoon. She has it really rough. She has 3 doggie beds to pick from but you can see where she chooses to hang out. I work from home over 90% of the time so we spend a lot of time together. When I am in the office she is typically sleeping under my desk and the cat we rescued is sleeping on top of it.

We had a few minor issues to get her (and us) adjusted early on as she was nowhere near as house broken as we thought or we were being punished every time we stepped out of the house for more than a few minutes, not sure which but once we got past that she has just been absolutely wonderful to have around! She goes most places and we have taken her on our week long camping trips twice this summer. She actually loves to camp as long
as we stay with her. First time we attempted to leave her in our travel trailer she destroyed the screen door in a matter of seconds but she still gets scared so it was no big deal to have fixed.

Well the experience of adoption was “not the greatest” until we found your organization and with the success we have had with her I would suspect we will go down this path
again before we lose her someday to try and make it easier as we just love her to pieces.

Thank-you again for what you do!
With Regards,

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