Marilyn’s Munchies

Marilyn's Munchies

Marilyn's Voice has created a recipe book for both humans and their furry friends. It features many Marilyn's Voice adopted dogs including Daisy Flower (on the cover), Eddie, Fizzgig, Hoover, Sammy, Stitch, Sheba, Lilly, Truman, Daisy and Louie! The cookbook features appetizers, main courses, desserts and dog treats. Examples include chicken tortilla soup, cheeseburger and fries casserole, western barbecue chicken pizza, gooey choco-caramel cake and Sheba's dog food from scratch! We also have a few vegan and vegetarian recipes included too.

Marilyn's Munchies Cookbooks are available for pick up at our events for a donation of $15. If you are unable to attend an event, you can send a check made payable to Marilyn’s Voice for $18.50 to PO Box 282 Mentor, OH 44061. If you would like more than one cookbook, it is $18.50 for each one that is mailed.

We invite you to use PayPal! Just note that your payment is for Marilyn's Munchies, how many copies and the total for all copies ($18.50 each).

2014 Cookbook