Baby Buttons

Buttons or "Baby" Buttons is having a great time making new friends. About a month after she came home with me; my sister and I went on vacation. Unfortunately the place we were staying did not allow pets anymore. I found a friend of my sister's who is starting a "soft boarding" business in her home. She lives in the country and they even built a special room with windows all around so the pets that are staying can watch the wildlife outside. Buttons had a great time and literally had the run of the house. I really wasn't sure if Julie and Jack would give her back.
She is getting along great with my 2 cats, they basically ignore each but they are making good overtures to each other. They all sleep on the bed with me.
Baby loves attention and she gets plenty from my whole family.
I am so happy to have her in my life. I am very pleased with all the contacts that I've had with Marilyn's Voice and would have absolutely no hesitance in working with them in the future.

Thank you for Baby!!



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