One year ago today this cute little baby came into our lives. We had no idea what a joy she would be. It took her time to come out of her shell, and trust us. She amazes us every day with her cute personality coming out more and more. She is a Bichon through and through and has her crazy blitzes everyday. Her gift is her happiness and innocence. She keeps us all smiling always.

She's changed quite a lot since we got her. She was very timid and shy. Now her tail is wagging all the time. She loves snuggling with her human siblings and follows her little brother Popcorn around. She barks at the lawnmowers every time she sees them. She loves walks and jumps up on us as soon as she hears the leashes coming out. It's so heartwarming to see her ask for belly rubs and ear rubs. And of course she has her dad wrapped around her tiny paws. Happy Gotcha Day Brooke! We are so lucky to have you in our lives. 

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