Gizzie is a completely different dog today than when we got him. It really didn’t take that long for him to turn things around. Now he goes to work with me on Fridays and visits everyone (including the men in the office) for treats and belly rubs. He's been to Chagrin Falls several times and the dog park at Lake Farm Park. He is truly a sweet, loving dog and socializes with other dogs and people very well now. If you ask him for kisses he comes up and lays in your lap and licks your face. It's almost as if he cannot get and give enough love. Everyone that meets him just loves him.

The first few weeks he would wait by the garage door for us to come home after work  and get upset when we left. We believe that having our other dog Bama as a companion helped him get over it. Now he can't decide which dog bed to sleep in or which toy to play with first. He barks at all the birds and squirrels in the yard and goes on long walks
with us every day. His nickname is "Velcro" because he follows us around everywhere and wants to be with us at all times. After our two dogs passed away last year we were very apprehensive about getting another dog. These were big shoes/paws to fill. My husband and I can truly say that Gizzie has been everything we wanted in a dog and
more.  Simply put, he makes us happy and we absolutely love him! He is a beautiful dog and we can't imagine our life without him and Bama!

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