LuLu (Ivy)

We ended up changing Ivy’s name to LuLu and she is responding so well! She has really grown by leaps and bounds since she first arrived! With a lot of work (and a few treats haha) she now comes in and out of the house on her own for potty time. We are still working on the potty training and leash training but she is getting better and has come a long way! She also responds to “sit” and “lay down” now. Her “nervous circling” has also decreased and she now runs to me or Miguel or Justin (instead of away from us) when we
get home! My favorite is that she now makes eye contact with me and her sweet face will melt anyone’s heart... we’ve really enjoyed working with to build trust and it has given each of us a great bond with her.

I’m attaching a few pictures but she is the most difficult to capture how truly pretty she is because she doesn’t sit still very well for a photo op. lol

Kelley, Miguel and Justin


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