Molly (Frappe)

It had been almost 10 yrs since my first cat passed away!! Victoria had urinated on my carpet and before I got another cat I would need to deal with the smell and stains so not to have a repeat of her actions!!! I had gotten rid of all the old carpet and dealt with the under flooring and now I was beginning to be ready for another cat!!!

I was in Canada and was looking on pet finder and saw two cats that I was interested in a cute white and grey cat and a buff coloured cat!! When I looked closer I saw that the Buff coloured cat was a rescue from Marilyn's voice and that made my decision simple it was the buff cat for me because  my  friend from work Karla Volunteer's for them and often talked about the good work they do! I immediately texted Karla to find out if anyone was interested in Frappe and told her I was!! She told me she was actually fostering her and told me to get an application in! I was approved to adopt Frappe and I went to see her and I fell in love immediately and brought her home that same day!! I renamed her to Molly because of the M on her forehead.

Molly has adjusted to life at my house very well!!! She has the run of the house and when I can't find her she is often sleeping under my bed!  She meets me at the door every afternoon when I return home from work and loves to be petted and shown affection!!  She enjoys all her toys but her favourite is the ball tower its so fun to watch her stand on her back legs and pounce on it and send the balls flying around. Thank goodness she likes her scratching post and leaves my furniture alone! I put a stool  in front of my bedroom window as my window sills are skinny and she enjoys sitting on it looking out at the world!!! She also enjoys sleeping at the feet of our bed between my husband and myself!!

When I need to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night Molly seems to enjoy laying on my stomach when I get back to bed!!! My husband who is not really a pet lover enjoys watching Molly play and likes to give her a little of his meat when he
eats supper. The best news is she has left my Christmas tree alone I was worried about that. Molly has brought such joy to my life and I am so happy that I
adopted her!   Cathy B.


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