• Pinot
  • Pinot

I just wanted you take a minute & let you know how our adoptee has been since she came here to live in PA.

We adopted Pinot in March of 2013. She was extremely shy & quiet. She took a lot of patience and slow movements, but she has made so much progress! I an pick her up pretty easily now. She plays with our other dogs. (When she came, she didn't know how to play). Every year at Christmas, we wrap presents or them. Pinot has always been kind of confused by the entire process, but this year, she opened her own present!

She had so much fun tossing her lambkin toy about! She knows she is in her forever home! We get so much joy watching her come out of her shell! She has anxiety attacks once in awhile, but with her calm coat & a couple drops of Lavender essential oils on it, she calms right down! We have truly been blessed by her sweet soul!

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