We are just obsessed with Toby (aka Grampy is what we call him). He LOVES to sleep, cuddle, and his stuffed toys. I'm glad that we were patient because he did have a hard time originally adjusting (he would bark all day while we were gone at work, had some food/bone aggression, and liked to mark on our pillows on our beds). We have now
solved all of these issues! He no longer is marking, he doesn't bark all day, he goes to the bathroom in the backyard and has been doing GREAT. I hate going anywhere because IĀ  don't like leaving him. He's very happy and I'm so happy I found him (I even cried when I went on vacation and left him with my sister, lol). I took him to the vet last
month and the vet said he is a great weight and thinks he's a little older than originally thought (she thinks about 7). I walk him a lot to keep him active. Attached are some pictures šŸ™‚

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