• Vivian


    She grows more confident every day & is just the sweetest little thing! Fozzie loves her bunches & is very…

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  • Squirt NKA Zip

    Squirt NKA Zip

    We absolutely love love him! The girls (Kaia- 12 & Jess - 9) renamed him Zip, because he zips around…

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  • Belle


    Belle is doing great! She is the happiest dog we have ever met and it’s hard to remember how things…

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  • Travis NKA Tony

    Travis NKA Tony

    I renamed him Tony. He is doing great. He has gained some weight, he was very thin. When I got…

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  • Linus NKA Buddy

    Linus NKA Buddy

    Buddy aka Linus is doing very well. He is one of the family. Buddy is a large part of our…

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  • Jersey Shaolin

    Jersey Shaolin

    His name is Shaolin and he's very well adjusted. Spoiled really. Great little pup, we absolutely enjoy him.

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  • Toby


    We are just obsessed with Toby (aka Grampy is what we call him). He LOVES to sleep, cuddle, and his…

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  • Bradley AKA Mario

    Bradley AKA Mario

    We renamed Bradley. His new name is Mario and he started answering to it right away! We love this little…

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  • Blake NKA Sully

    Blake NKA Sully

    He is just fantastic- so fun and lots of energy but also loves to cuddle. He and Gracie are great…

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