• Luna


    We are doing great. Our new little girl has adapted quite well, and has filled the void left in our…

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  • Bella (Ashley)

    Bella (Ashley)

    Bella is adjusting very well. Loves her walks and visits with family. It has been a blessing having her in my…

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  • Molly (Frappe)

    Molly (Frappe)

    It had been almost 10 yrs since my first cat passed away!! Victoria had urinated on my carpet and before…

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  • Fern


    Fern is a joy! She can still be pretty skittish at times. Sometimes I startle her and don’t even know…

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  • Bungee


    Thanks for checking in on Bungee!   He has adopted very well and isdoing great!  Giannni and I are happy to…

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  • LuLu (Ivy)

    LuLu (Ivy)

    We ended up changing Ivy’s name to LuLu and she is responding so well! She has really grown by leaps and…

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  • Oscar (Tebow)

    Oscar (Tebow)

    Oscar’s (Tebow) adjustment into our home was very short and smooth. It took very little time for him to adapt…

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  • Louie (Alfie)

    Louie (Alfie)

    We call himLouie or Luigi. He is family. Louie is an awesome dog with all of the wonderful qualities of…

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  • Libby


    Libby is doing great! She does like to bark..a lot...but we are working on that. She is a delight and has…

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