• Blake NKA Sully

    Blake NKA Sully

    He is just fantastic- so fun and lots of energy but also loves to cuddle. He and Gracie are great…

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  • Cleo

    She is great. Very spoiled! I know that we are slacking about sending some pictures.  I promise I’ll put something together…

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  • Hailey


    Hailey is such a sweet little girl, she loves belly rubs and to be cuddled. Her big sister Cherie is…

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  • Gigi Ann KNA Isadorable

    Gigi Ann KNA Isadorable

    I can't believe it has been three months! Gigi Ann is known as Izzy now. Well, her full name is…

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  • Luna


    We are doing great. Our new little girl has adapted quite well, and has filled the void left in our…

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  • Bella (Ashley)

    Bella (Ashley)

    Bella is adjusting very well. Loves her walks and visits with family. It has been a blessing having her in my…

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  • Molly (Frappe)

    Molly (Frappe)

    It had been almost 10 yrs since my first cat passed away!! Victoria had urinated on my carpet and before…

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  • Fern


    Fern is a joy! She can still be pretty skittish at times. Sometimes I startle her and don’t even know…

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  • Bungee


    Thanks for checking in on Bungee!   He has adopted very well and isdoing great!  Giannni and I are happy to…

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