• Baby Buttons

    Baby Buttons

    Buttons or "Baby" Buttons is having a great time making new friends. About a month after she came home with…

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  • Oscar


    Oscar is a born hunter (although he is yet to catch anything, thank goodness).  He sits in the screened in…

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  • Bella (Bre)

    Bella (Bre)

    Just thought you'd like a couple update pics of Bella. As you can see she is growing nicely and quite…

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  • Monroe (Billy)

    Monroe (Billy)

    This October will be 4 years since I adopted Monroe. I just wanted to take a minute to let you…

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  • Gizmo


    Thank you for giving us the chance to give Gizmo a home. He such a great personality and it is…

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  • Bella


    Bre (Who is now Bella) is doing GREAT!!! She adapted quickly and is quite spoiled already lol She LOVES to…

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  • Mylee


    It's been one year since Mylee Joined our family. We love her. She still loves that red blanket we picked…

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  • Chezzie


    Hello. Chezney (Chezzie) is doing well. She is a very playful dog and loves going for walks. We love playing…

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  • Ginger


    Paddy, now named Ginger is doing great.  She became a member of our family before we even got her home. …

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