• Trixie Mae Wray

    Trixie Mae Wray

    As you can see by the look in her eyes she is full of it lol all kidding aside she's…

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  • Ivy


    Ivy and I met on a Saturday afternoon last July. We seemed to bond and went home together. However, Ivy…

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  • Nuckey


    Nucky did his first walk for autism and now he is exhausted!

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  • Libby


    Here it is, approximately 1 month later and we just adore Libby (old name Livi)!!!  She is such a little…

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  • Carmella


    I talk about Marilyn's Voice whenever I tell anyone where I got her, and ran into someone who got their…

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  • Burt


    Update - April 11, 2015! We got him two years ago this week from you. Thanks again! We love him…

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  • Jackson


    "My constant companion."

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  • Phoebe


    Photo of Phoebe who we adopted about 6 months ago. She is just the cutest and most loving dog ever.

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  • Bessie


    Chloe (my daughter 11) made this announcement. Bessie is fitting right in and Peanut is being a perfect gentleman with…

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