• Jackson


    "My constant companion."

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  • Phoebe


    Photo of Phoebe who we adopted about 6 months ago. She is just the cutest and most loving dog ever.

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  • Bessie


    Chloe (my daughter 11) made this announcement. Bessie is fitting right in and Peanut is being a perfect gentleman with…

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  • Lucy


    I trust that you are still there and doing such important work! We adopted Lucy back in Feb/March of this…

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  • Bogart


    We celebrated Bogart's first birthday on Thanksgiving.  He had his first session at the groomer the week before and got…

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  • Demi


    Today is our little princess peanuts 2nd re-birthday.  Also known as Demi. She is such a sweet little dog.  Still…

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  • Tink


    Update - November 2015 Tink is the love of my life. Thank you for choosing us to be his forever…

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  • Shania and Lincoln

    Shania and Lincoln

    Shania and Lincoln just got back from the styling salon and are more than ready for spring!!  

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  • Bailey


    Bailey has always used the cart and he was born with spina bifida.  (I think that is what you call…

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