• Lilla and Keagan

    Lilla and Keagan

    Lilla & Keagan chilling out on a cold day.

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  • Gracie


    Gracie is a joy and we all love her! She is healthy and happy and makes us laugh every day.…

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  • Alby


    We are so wonderful together! He has become my little buddy. (I get excited talking about him.) He has adjusted…

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  • Kozy


    Here are some pictures of Kozy.  The first one is before her "beauty shop grooming" and she is always by…

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  • Lucky


    Tomorrow marks 2 years since we brought our little guy home.  I cannot begin to tell you what a difference…

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  • Belle


    Belle is very happy in her forever home and she has lightened many hearts in our family.  She is such…

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  • Snickers


    Snickers graduated today from Obedience School! Here he is in his  graduation hat and he also received his diploma! He…

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  • Franklin


    Franklin is doing extremely well! I love him and he is the best companion-I work at home and he is…

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