• Franklin


    Franklin is doing extremely well! I love him and he is the best companion-I work at home and he is…

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  • Stella


    This is Stella.  She is adjusted to her new home and loves going for walks.  She bosses her sister around…

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  • Hank


    Our families just love him and he's the sweetest little thing.  He's still getting used to his crate and gets…

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  • Bentley


    Bentley - back row on the left.

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  • Marie


    Hi, this is Marie. I just wanted to give you an update on my new life with my new owners. I really…

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  • Jimmy Choo

    Jimmy Choo

    His new bandana "rescue" and boy does he love that middle counsel.  He is also in the process of learning…

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  • Molly


    Nap time after our walk , another years gone by and she is doing great, and as always she is…

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  • Baxter


    Update: It (Thanksgiving) was great and so was Baxter. He spent the day going from one lap to another!   Thanks…

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