Marilyn Monrow Memorial

Marilyn Monrow crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, November 13, 2007.   Her trachea collapsed and there was no way to revive her. While she is gone in body, in spirit she will live forever, and we will continue to see through her legacy, Marilyn's Voice.

A note from Kristina Lange:

To those of you who knew Marilyn, you are crying along with me at this moment. Just thinking about her sweet little personality and that silly tongue makes the tears well up in my eyes. For those of you who didn't get the chance to meet her, it is hard to explain in words how special she was. Marilyn had such an uphill battle with all her ailments, it is a wonder she lived 6 years. She was such a mess the first time I laid eyes on her, I knew she would be my little angel and I would help her recover. Through 2 painful surgeries, she finally had a healthy mouth free of infection and also free of teeth! Her little tongue fell out the side of her mouth, especially when she was very relaxed. Unfortunately, the removal of her vocal chords by the puppy mill operator would be her demise. Ultimately this would contribute to her sudden death.

From the moment I took Marilyn, I knew she was meant to be for me. I knew that her health would always be an issue, though. Because of her 4 year past as a mill breeder and the barbaric way they removed her vocal chords, she would never really breathe correctly and oxygen intake was at a minimum for her. This is why she was always so docile! Because she was so tiny and cute she would get throngs of people asking about her. This opened the door for me to explain about the horror of puppy mills and what places like Petland are really about. I would tell her story over and over to strangers and they would cry when they learned about her painful story. I would let them hold her frail little body and they would instantly fall in love. They would connect with her and vow to tell everyone about puppy mills, so  that other dogs would not have to suffer like Marilyn did. It made Marilyn more than just another pretty face. She had a purpose and I truly believe she knew it.

When I started her training for therapy dog work I never thought she could do it. Little Marilyn, among all the big Labs and Goldens she seemed to get lost. She ended up being the superstar and passing her TDI test with flying colors. SHE wanted to help others. We would get ready to go the hospital for therapy and she would dance around, knowing what was ahead. Once at the hospital, she would draw a crowd, since people couldn't resist that little face. As usual, I told anyone I could about puppy mills and how she was able to escape from that life. I was always so touched how total strangers would weep as they heard about her terrible past. She loved going from room to room, sitting on the bed with patients and soothing their aches and pains. Even people who didn't like dogs wanted a visit from Marilyn; she was that special. One woman who was in a great deal of pain said "I wanted to die today; I gave up my will to live. Now that Marilyn showed me how she healed, I think I can too." Marilyn slept on her chest, right next to her heart for 2 hours and never moved. She knew how good she made people feel. Our visits always seemed to touch at least one person.

Marilyn, because of you there is a Marilyn's Voice. This rescue is helping all the other little babies who wouldn't have a chance otherwise. There will never be another like Marilyn, that 3 lb. fluffball made so many good things happen in this world. I know she made me a better person. I will miss you my little muffin.

Love, Mommy