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If you wish to volunteer to foster dogs or cats for Marilyn’s Voice, please complete this application and click the Submit Application button at the end.

I understand and agree that I am volunteering my time and services to be a Marilyn’s Voice volunteer at no cost to Marilyn’s Voice and I will not be compensated for either my time or services by Marilyn’s Voice. I also understand that I may be removed from this position, subject to Marilyn’s Voice Rules & Procedures.

Please understand that Marilyn’s Voice rescues dogs and puppies who were in puppy mills and most of them have special needs. They will need patience to learn to trust, but respond well to soft words and love. We ask that you crate train them, as these dogs feel more secure in small spaces when you are not around. Please be aware these dogs are NOT housebroken. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you have when working with your foster dog. Fostering a puppy mill dog and watching him flourish and realize the simple pleasures in life, and that cruelty is behind him is a rewarding experience.

In case of medical problems, please notify an Marilyn’s Voice member who has medical authorization to schedule a vet appointment.

The foster parent is responsible for bringing the dog to our adoption events. Final placement of the dog will be the decision of Marilyn’s Voice Adoption Directors.

This application is for Fostering Dogs or Cats ONLY!
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