Betty Davis

Betty Davis

Please welcome Betty Davis to Marilyn's Voice as the new spokespup. Although Betty looks so cute and healthy now, when she first arrived it was a different story. Betty was used as a breeder in a puppy mill where she, along with hundreds of others, lived in a wire cage and had no social interaction. Betty would only know the four walls of that cage for the three years she was used as a breeder, never able to enjoy running on grass, enjoying TLC from humans or playing with toys.

Betty was especially valuable because of her small size; small females usually produce tiny puppies that demand as much as $3000. Betty didn't turn out to be the "cash cow" that the breeder hoped she would be, as her puppies weren't surviving. Luckily the breeder involved agreed to give her to Marilyn's Voice, only after unsuccessful attempts to sell her on Craig's list.

Although Betty was scared and extremely underweight, she was lucky to get out of that mill at a young age. Betty has since gained sufficient weight and has had her painful, infected teeth cared for, as well as being spayed It only took Betty a few months to learn to trust humans and is enjoying life in a loving home. Betty has several furry brothers and sisters and is starting to play with them as well as toys.

Betty loves to play outside and is appropriately nicknamed "Snow Bunny." Betty is currently being trained to be a therapy dog and will have her certification by summer. Betty is also enjoying life as a mascot and takes her job seriously!

Update: Betty is now a Certified Therapy Dog!