Marilyn's Voice's is a 501(c) (3) Registered Non-Profit Organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs that have suffered abuse and neglect at puppy mills, or that have become unclaimed at shelters or surrendered by owners.

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About Marilyn's Voice

As a volunteer-based organization, Marilyn's Voice relies on donations and adoption fees to provide veterinarian treatment and medications for animals under our care.

All Marilyn's Voice animals live in foster homes and become rehabilitated and socialized by volunteer fosters.

Our thorough and rigorous adoption processes provide us the very best opportunity to place animals in the best possible home

Every animal is fully vetted, spayed or neutered and provided complete healthcare.

Volunteers house, feed, transport, love, train and rehabilitate MV animals.

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See Happy Tails

  • We’ve had Molly (we changed her name just a little) now for a week.  She has been settling in and is blossoming a little more every day !  It’s been such a pleasure to watch this happen!
    We are loving her and are so grateful for your labor of love!  Thank you!
  • Hi there!!  I wanted to send an updated on Josie (Emma) as we near her 1 year adoption date!  She is such an incredible little girl and has brought so much joy to our lives!  She is such a spitfire, loves to play with her brothers and her toys.  Her personality is so loving and she has filled such a hole in my heart.  Thank you again for fostering her and bringing her into my life.  I appreciate you fully!
  • Everything is going very well! Betty White (Sierra) is a perfect fit for us. She is a sweetie! She's getting along well with our Westie Fergus.
  • Yes, they are soooo good!  We love them a lot!  They are so funny and love each other.
  • Patches, formerly known as Sprocket, is doing great!
    He went to the groomer last week and to the vet today.  He is starting class at Pet Smart tomorrow.
    He's a great puppy and everyone loves - people and other dogs alike.
  • Molly has now become “Noodle” and she is the absolute sweetest! She loves her toys & loves to play!
  • Princess
    We love Princess, she is doing great!  We were just saying that it is hard to believe what a short time she has been with us because she has adapted to our home and routines so quickly! It seems like she has been her forever.
  • Sprocket
    Patches, formerly known as Sprocket, is doing great! He went to the groomer last week and to the vet today.  He is starting class at Pet Smart tomorrow. He's a great puppy and everyone loves - people and other dogs alike.
  • Jojo
    She is just a treasure! We just adore Blu ( we call her that because of her one blue eye). She is sweet, sleeps through   the night, and was besties with her sisters immediately . We are so grateful for this little lady!
  • Lilibet
    She doing absolutely wonderful. Had her shots, and vet visit. She got commands down pat, doing absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sending her our way. She even visited people at the hospital and did absolutely wonderful.
  • Baby
    Baby’s new name is Mae Lee. She has adapted very well since day one. It’s as if she’s always been a part of our lives.
  • I love my new home ! My family now calls Newton. I have many new toys and meeting a lot of people sometimes they even have a dog I can play with. I’m still getting the hang of telling my humans when I need to go out.
  • Had first walk today and did so good.  Angus is a very good boy, smart and a fast learner. Collecting toys and learning how to play!
    We are very happy with him and the other dogs are accepting him nicely.
  • This was the best decision we’ve made as a family!! The kids absolutely love him and he’s adjusted well being in a new environment!
  • She is doing absolute wonderful. Playing, eating, etc. We absolutely love her.
  • Forest, now known as Dawali of “Wali”, is doing great. He has had his first vet visit with me and the doc says he looks great! He is up to 6.4 lbs! He is a great little puppy and training and pack integration is going well. My 4 year old mini dachshund loves playing with him and my 11 year old mini dachshund likes to watch them play and take naps with him.
  • Time really does fly!  It’s one year ago today since Sami came into my life.  She’s my sweet Baby Girl and during playtime she shows her rough and tough side.
    Sami is now 5 years old.
  • He’s The most fun and we are so happy to have him in our family.
  • Archie is doing great!  He loves going on walks and already recognizes our house. We are working on the sit command and looking into training classes for him. We are settling into a routine and everyone loves him.
  • Buddy (aka Biscuit) is settling in fantastically! He loves all of our shoes and our youngest daughter has become his person! When she get home from school and/or camp she is the only one he wants to play with!  He will follow her around the house and at bed time will lay outside her door until it is his bed time.
    He loves all people but especially all of the kids in the neighborhood! He is a good listener and has formed a great relationship with his older sister, Izzy, who is a 13 year old yorkieshon.
  • Hello!! Minky (Now Clover) is doing amazing!!! She just went to her first doggy daycare yesterday and had THE BEST time! She’s such a fun and loving addition to our family and we love her so much!
  • I have been very excited and wanted to update you on how Avery's been doing so far. After the first couple days she started to come out of her crate and dart straight to one of the pet beds that she claimed, she also began to become relaxed while holding her, within the week she's freely wondering around the main floor of the house.
  • She's seems to be doing very well. Her comfort place seems to be my couch where she appears very content. She loves attention and being petted, and she wags her tail a great deal, so I think she's happy. When I have to leave her, my mom watches her, and she runs around the house looking for me and howls and barks. We love her.
  • Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoy our little Maggie Mae!  She is just the most lovable, smart little thing ever!  We are grateful to you!!!!
  • We adopted Lola 3 years ago!  She was and continues to be a wonderful blessing in our lives.  She is quite the cuddler and has an amazing way of bringing out the softest sides in our two boys.
  • Here are some of year 2022 birthday pictures for Miss Buffy. May she have a happy and healthy life for many, many more years!
  • Things are going better than I could have hoped for. We all love that precious little chunk so much!
  • I could not be MORE IN LOVE!!  Perry is settling in far better than even I expected! He and my older dog Simi are figuring each other out, and I'm confident that even though there is some growling on Simi's part, I'm feeling confident that she kind of likes him!
  • I just wanted to send over a few recent photos of Sandy and Mandy (now Mocha and Munchkin) loving life in their new home.  They've been with us for just over 6 months now and we couldn't imagine our home without them.
  • Skye is adjusting well. She follows me everywhere if she isn't in the recliner with my husband. The pictures are of her and her new harness.
  • Rocky is now Kevin and he is doing as well as can be expected! We are working on potty training and crate training, and we are going on LOTS of walks. He has quickly become his big sister’s little shadow and has already learned the basics around the house. He is doing great with the cat and is obsessed with his Cookie Monster toy.
  • The puppies are thriving! They have been to the vet here and all look well. They love playing outside together; they are hilarious when they play. We have discovered that they love to dig and roll around on the grass. We love them so much. Our home feels complete once again.
  • Jelly is doing wonderful. Her and my other dog are already best friends. They play and nap together. She basically follows him everywhere he goes!
  • Buddy is doing great.  We had a great visit to PetSmart yesterday and he had a riot.  Went down the toy isle and told him to pick out a toy, he was so distracted by everything going on and making new friends, two legged and four legged he didn't pay any attention to the toys, so I ended up playing with more toys than Buddy did.
  • Mia, who is now Sadie. She is a doll, absolute delight.
  • Home Sweet Home
    (After exploring the whole house. He went upstairs good but coming down them was a different story. Lol)
    He slept all night on our bed. I think he was exhausted. I had to coax him to eat last night and this morning. I'm still waiting to see a zoomie that I was told about! Maybe in time. LOL. He just had a bath and is sleeping on my lap with a blanket. Thank you for allowing us to adopt him.
    He is such a sweetie pie!
  • Perry is a silly, bossy little JOY! He is doing very well! He is learning a ton from my other dog, Simi. I am anxious to be receiving some fencing this Friday so that we can fence off a portion of our yard for Perry to tear around in! He is full of energy and loves, loves, loves walks!
  • Patty is doing great. She still doesn't like the leash or the grass she loves pets and treats and she sleeps with her tongue out She's still scared of some loud noises but she has come a  long ways since I got her She sleeps in bed with Ben and I. Thank you for letting me Adopt her I love her with all my heart and then some. Here are some pictures of her and even her with Ben.
  • Holly is doing very well. She still can be a little skittish if she is on the floor and people try to pet her, but she has made tremendous progress.
    I have attached some pictures.
  • Blitz is doing great! We have even been able to share about Marylin’s Voice several times as we are constantly getting questioned about him. He has had no health concerns, is as playful as a 6 month old would be expected to be and loved to the fulllest!
    Thank you for checking in!