Marilyn's Voice's is a 501(c) (3) Registered Non-Profit Organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs that have suffered abuse and neglect at puppy mills, or that have become unclaimed at shelters or surrendered by owners.

About Marilyn's Voice

As a volunteer-based organization, Marilyn's Voice relies on donations and adoption fees to provide veterinarian treatment and medications for animals under our care.

All Marilyn's Voice animals live in foster homes and become rehabilitated and socialized by volunteer fosters.

Our thorough and rigorous adoption processes provide us the very best opportunity to place animals in the best possible home

Every animal is fully vetted, spayed or neutered and provided complete healthcare.

Volunteers house, feed, transport, love, train and rehabilitate MV animals.

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See Happy Tails

  • Its been a year (these are from the 14th) and we celebrated this wild pup being a Kunash.
    He loves walks/hikes (I walk a lot a day), jogs, sun bathing and sleeps all night under the covers! He has more toys than my girls do.
    I trust you are well and continue to do gods work.
    Have an amazing day.
  • Dolly has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we love her so very much! She loves going on car rides and walks with us every day and over the weekends. She is getting plenty of attention and adjusting well into our home. We wanted to thank you and everyone involved in the rescue!
  •  She has taken over the house and both of us. Spending time with Daddy, Dining with friends and Sleeping off dinner. Thanks again for all you do.
  • Just thought I would let you know that Koko has made this definitely her forever home.  She is playing with toys and taken over the house.  She has definitely trained Grant and myself over the past few days.  We are enjoying her immensely.  Thank you so much for finding her for us!
  • Harley Davidson has been doing really well and getting along fine with Ginger and Paris, our other dogs. I am very glad my wife and I adopted him.
  • Emma is doing great, she has bonded well with Deborah and I and she and Millie are inseparable.
  • All is well with Etta. She’s happily adapted and always makes her presence known :)
    My husband still calls her Etta but one of my adult kids starting calling her Edamame, and I love that - she’s our fuzzy little bean!
  • Willow and her sister, Winnie are best buds and she is loving her new life.
  • Kobe is doing wonderfully.  Him and SamSam are a regular happy couple in love!  It is unbelievable the bond they have formed.  Kobe makes sure to clean Sam’s whole face and ears usually before we go to bed.  He is thriving and most of the time he is a wonderful cuddly fat boy.  I call him that because he is just so solid.  Kobe just got a new round of shots and a mani/pedi.  The tech said that he weighed in a little over 8 pounds.  I also had SamSam with me and she got a mani/pedi also.  Tech said she weighed in at just under 8 lbs.  However, when you pick them up for some loving, you would think that Kobe was 15 and Sam was 5. There is that much difference in feeling they get picked up.
  • Karma is just delightful. She is the best little girl and brings us so much joy. We are so grateful to Marilyn’s Voice for rescuing Karma from her former life, providing her with a wonderful foster mom and dad who helped Karma adapt to home life. We couldn’t feel luckier. Karma has the perfect name - she came full circle. Good Karma for all of us!
  • All is good here. I changed her name to Meghan and she has been chipped.
  • It seems like Lulu has been here forever. She knew her way around the house in a day or two, loves us as much as we love her. She lets us know when it’s time to go outside and sleeps with us all night. She’s a keeper!!
  • Chico is doing well, it was a challenge for awhile he has a tough personality.
    I had my doubts about him at first but he has grown on me and is a good companion not overly cuddly but getting there.
  • Archer (Jay Jay) is thriving & extremely happy.  He’s adapted beautifully.
    Thank you for giving me this beautiful little light. He’s perfect. 💕
  • He is the best dog ever.  Him and Harley are best buddies.  Roo loves to go for a walk every day is sad when the weather doesn't cooperate.   Thank you so much it has been a very pleasant and easy transition.   He loves to eat needs to lose a couple pounds since the weather has been so cold.
  • I love her more every day. I truly can’t imagine my life without her,  especially during this crazy covid time. We are both looking forward toward spring when we can spend hours together walking and working in the yard. She is my constant companion and does her best to make me feel guilty when I have to leave her for errands.
    I did wind up getting covid and had to spend some time in the hospital…I’m fully recovered but Piper had a great time staying with my son and his family. She is so well behaved and easy that I think it made them decide to also adopt also. They got a 10 month old lab mix a few weeks ago.
    Everyone in the neighborhood loves visiting with her…we do about 4 walks a day!
  • Hi I thought you’d like a little update on Pepper Jack. It’s been 2 years since he became part of our family. As you can see from the pictures he not that scared little boy that came to us (although loud noises still frighten him to the point where he will hide). He love playing with toys by himself or with one of us but especially when he sees our other dog playing with something he always wants to join in the fun. We took him in his first camping trip this past year and he really seemed to enjoy the extended periods of outdoor time and going for walks. Over all he’s happy, healthy and thriving and we love that he is part of our family.